Redneck Weddings, is a scripted edgy comedy with some dark humor over-tones about a woman “Breesy Carson” from a small town in Texas who is very un-lucky in love.   After losing her 6th husband to be, the town wants to banish Breesy Carson out of town Williamsburg and out of Texas all together.  They succeed.

Breesy Carson, labeled the “Kiss of Death”  must start over in a new town called "Cutler" Arkansas, where she discovers a wedding chapel that promises ever-lasting love called "Wedding Drops Chapel". 


The chapel hires "Breesy" as a wedding consultant and she now lives at the chapel with some very off the wall crazy folks!  While there, Breesy and the main characters not only discover who they are but they become her family and together they learn acceptance, forgiveness and that you must face the past in order to have a future.   Breesy’s future is find the love of her life and finally rid the curse.  Will she find love?  

Main Characters
Cast & Crew

Main Cast

 Liz Lytle

Shelly Desai

Catherine Natale

Andrew Stubblefield

Denis O'Mahoney

Steve Royce

Ted Stroka

Creator/Writer/Executive Producer

Catherine Natale


Michael Indjeian

   Maxpetals Productions

Director of Photography

Rajat Ghosh