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   About the Creator/Writer
         Catherine Natale

Catherine has been performing and acting for over twenty years, her love for characters has always been with her. She started out on stage in original plays and Off –Broadway in New York.  She has worked with Steve Buscemi, Billy Gardell, Rob Morrow, Betty Garrett, Estelle Harris (Seinfeld) and Billy Baldwin to name a few.   


She never thought of herself as a writer, her memories of trying to write a scene at HB Studio, in New York did not go well. After writing a scene, she proudly handed it over to her classmates.  They gave up on the dialogue, threw the script on the floor and they just improv the scene.   She never wrote again until now. 


 A student at the Groundlings, Second City, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Ensemble Theatre, Roundabout Theatre, Jewish Rep and American Jewish Rep and Theatre West in Los Angeles CA.  Catherine has also studied Art in New York at the School of Visual Arts and the Institute of Art.  Catherine has been drawing since she can remember.

Catherine Natale, has now ventured into another project  called All About Manos as Co-Writer-Co-Executive Producer and Co-Creator.  Both Redneck Weddings and All About Manos have been semi-finalists, award winners and  have been nominated in various film festivals all over the world. 


 There has never been a scripted comedy about a wedding chapel and country music combined together.  Don't let the name "Redneck Weddings" fool you!  This is a dark scripted comedy not what you would see on Duck Dynasty these characters don't pray at the dinner table and there is some tasteful nudity in this show.


The project has grown since the shoot of the Sizzle Reel but the characters are the same.  Taken from an Aunt who was un-lucky in love and a wedding chapel that Catherine worked at for a few months. 

Magic can happen.   

 Sometimes the best material is from LIFE.

Thank you, for your interest in this project.

      Catherine Natale

     Behind the Scenes

         Michael Indjeian


      About Michael Indjeian 


Michael Indjeian is an Armenian-American Producer/Director with 20 years in film, television and commercials. He has produced over 800 projects, credited with 40 directing assignments, once served as VP of Production for 30fps Productions (13 yrs, NY) and has achieved 30+ industry awards.  Throughout his career, Michael has been a hands-on team leader, who has managed multi-million dollar budgets, supervised intricate productions and delivered projects consistently on schedule. 


Currently, Michael is the Producer for the PBS international travel show, Samantha Brown’s Places to Love (Season 1 & 2).


Michael has won an Emmy ( 2019) for his work on "Samantha Brown's Places" to Love.


His work includes serving as UPM (USA Unit) for the Harvey Keitel film Chosen, Line Producer/UPM for the pilot Laying Low, Writer/Producer/Director for the award-winning short film Lucky Day, Director for the pilot Redneck Weddings!, Producer/Director for the pilot Oh, Ms. Tracy, Producer for the feature Monster & Me and Producer for the investigative doc-series Ancient Tomorrow.


Additionally, Michael has led many successful projects for Sony, Hertz, Gap, Pepsi, Avon, Motorola, Super Bowl XLVIII, HBO, AMC, USA, Discovery, IRS, NJ Transit and Port Authority of NY/NJ. Michael grew up in Cliffside Park, NJ and graduated with a BA from Virginia Tech

Catherine Natale

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